Quick Tip: Change Your Icons

While Apple does an excellent job at creating a User Interface that looks good and easy to use, its not uncommon for people to want to add a bit of a personal touch to their computer. One way to add personality to your Mac is to change your OS X icons that display items such as your Hard Drive, Folders, and Applications.

To quickly change your OS X icons:

  1. Select the hard drive, folder, application, or other item of which you’d like to change the icon.
  2. Right Click (cntrl+click) and select Get Info.
  3. Follow the steps above of the icon you’d like to add.
  4. In the “Get Info” screen select the picture in the top left corner of the icon you’d like to apply to another item so that its highlighted with a thin blue outline.
  5. HardDrive Info.png
  6. Copy the item with either EDIT >> Copy from the file Menu or by the keyboard shortcut cmd+c.
  7. Select the same icon in the Get Info of the item you’d like to change
  8. With the icon you’d like to change selected, paste the new icon by selecting EDIT >> Paste or the keyboard shortcut cmd+v.

The new OS X icon should now be applied and updated to the item you’ve selected.