Quick Tip: Finder Places

Apple enhanced their Finder navigation with OS X 10.5 Leopard. They added new icons, made network navigation easier, and added Cover flow. All these additions have made Finder much more easier to navigate and use but sometimes you still want to add that custom touch to finding and launching applications or files.

Luckily adding apps, folders, or files to Finder’s Sidebar is quick and easy. To Add an application, file, or folder to Finder’s Sidebar:

  1. Find the Folder, Application or File you’d like to add to the Finder Side Bar
  2. Select the Folder, Application or File and press command + t (Or select Add to Sidebar under File on the File menu)
  3. Additionally, you can select the item in Finder and drag and drop it to the sidebar under Places in between or below the places already listed.
  4. Hinks.png

To remove an item from the Finder Sidebar, click and hold, then drag and drop out of finder.