Quick Tip: How to Burn ISO Images to DVD

By Dan Hinckley

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Every so often you’ll come across a CD or DVD image (.ISO) file that you need to burn to Disk. Although the capability isn’t used often, it is something that can be done with just the software included in OS X.

To burn a CD or DVD from an .iso file:

  1. Insert your CD/DVD into your Mac
  2. Add the blank disk to Finder
  3. Open the application Disk Utility
  4. Select File, and then Open Disk Image. Select the .iso file you’d like to burn
  5. Select the .iso file from the list of volumes
  6. Click the Burn Button on the top of Disk Utility

Disk Utility should start burning the image to the CD or DVD you inserted into the computer. At times, I’ve received notice from OS X that the process was unsuccessful only to stick the disk into a computer and have it work fine, so be sure to test the new CD/DVD after the burning is complete.

[Via – macosxhints.com]

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