Quick Tip: How to Print a List of Files

Although the world becomes more and more digital, every now and then we may need to get a hard copy of something we’re working with. This may be a list of of files we’re working with in a folder, such as the file names of the songs from a particular artist we’re huge fans of.

You can quickly print out a list of files in a folder by following these steps:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Navigate to the folder that you’re working with (You can enter “cd” into terminal and then drag and drop the folder from Finder to the Terminal window)
  3. After navigating to the folder, enter “li” and hit return to display a list of files
  4. Select the files and then on the Menu Bar click Shell and Print Selection
Terminal — bash — 70×25.png

To see what the print output will look like, preview the print or print to PDF. Following these steps will give you a quick hard copy of what ever folder you’re working with.  If you need commercial printing services, we proudly endorse dMedia Prints.