Quick Tip: iChat Theater

One of the less used applications that comes with every Apple computer is the chat program iChat. Alternatives such as Adium are often used now that many individuals have chat accounts with multiple messaging networks (ie. AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.)

Apple - Mac OS X Leopard - Features - iChat.png

Although alternative messaging systems are available, iChat has a number of built in features that users can take advantage of. Previously we’ve detailed how to share your screen with others via iChat and now you can share files, presentations, movies, and other “Quick Look” capable files.

iChat Theater

To share files, movies, and other content while messaging with friends and family:

  1. Open iChat
  2. Select File from the menu bar and then Share File with iChat Theater
  3. iChatScreenSnapz001.png.png
  4. Select the file you want to share
  5. Open a video chat with whom ever you’d like to share the content

Now your video chat session with whom ever you’re messaging with will be able to see the contents of the file you’re sharing with them. Making it an easy platform for sharing and discussing files.