Quick Tip: Permanently Remove Files

PreviewScreenSnapz001.pngIf for some reason you’ve been working with files that you want to get remove from your computer for good you’ll need to do a little bit more than just move the files to the Trash Can and ’empty the trash’.

It is true that doing this will make it difficult for people to find those deleted items, but with special recovery software it is possible to restore files that have been removed from you Mac.

To permanently remove these files you need to just select a different item from the Finder menu:

  1. In Finder, Select Finder from the menu
  2. Select Secure Empty Trash
  3. Click Ok when asked if you would like to permanently remove the files from your Mac

Depending on how many files you have waiting to be permanently deleted, the permanent removal of files may take some time. Doing this will overwrite the previous used disk space with pointless information that will then itself be removed.