Quick Tips: iPad Screenshots

Taking screenshots on the iPad is as easy as, well, virtually everything else on the iPad. If you’re hankering to e-mail a co-worker a visual idea of how crisp that New York Times App looks and settle once and for all the debate of whether or not you should have bought the iPad, taking a screenshot could effectively end the conversation by capturing an image for you to save and use.

Screen shots are a quick and easy way to capture what you’re doing on your iPad for posterity. Say you find a particularly striking picture that you would like to save. Taking a screenshot allows you to save this picture to your own collection of Photos. Or if you need to prove to your disbelieving friends how far you’ve made it in Angry Birds, take a screenshot, send it out as an e-mail, all doubts will be put to rest, and alas, you will be able to bask in the glory of your skill and dominance.

In order to take a screenshot, just follow the simple directions (that are pleasantly similar to how to take a screenshot on an iPhone).

1)   Go to the screen that you want to take the picture of.

2)   Hold down the sleep button on the top.

3)   Tap the home button shortly afterwards.

Once you’ve taken a screenshot, you’ll see that great white flash of light and hear that elegant camera click. Voila! Your screenshot has now been saved in your Photo app. After this, the world is your oyster, you can send the screenshot as an e-mail and you can decisively and victoriously close debate with your co-worker.

Additionally, you can assign the screenshot to a contact or use it as a new wallpaper. Anything that once seemed elusive on your iPad can now be made permanent for your use. Doubting friends: 0; you effectively using the screenshot: 1.