Quickly Launch Apps With Overflow

One of the most important reasons to use a computer is to get things done faster and easier. But despite computers being designed with these type of capabilities in mind, sometimes even our computers need a bit of enhancement to improve our organization and productivity. An application for your Mac that does just that is Overflow by Stunt Software.


Overflow Helps Apps Stay Organized

OSX does a good job of keeping all your applications together, but after a while the number of applications you install and use on your Mac start to add up and clutter your Application folder. Overflow is designed to help you take back control of your Apps organization.

Overflow lets you create your own custom categories for how you want to organizing and access your apps. The process is quick and easy, just right click (Command+Click) and select New Category. Enter the category details and start dragging and dropping applications from Finder to the categories you’ve established.


Quick Launch

In addition to helping you keep your apps organized in a way that makes sense to you, Overflow is just a keyboard shortcut away. Use the arrow keys and control+arrow keys to navigate through your categories and to select the app you’d like to launch.

With a few key clicks you’ll be launching your Apps for quick and easy access.


Overflow is a simple but solid application that is a must have for anyone looking for additional organization of their applications. The added benefit of smart keyboard shortcuts and navigation keys make Overflow a strong option for launching Applications.

Overflow is available for download for $14.95. Check out the free trial to see if the application is what you’re looking for.