Reason #4785 I love my Apple products

I celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday at the collaborative workspace Gangplank, along with over 10 other holiday orphans who didn’t have any family close by. We each brought a specific dish, threw everything on a table and spent the afternoon enjoying each other’s company and the food.

Just a few years ago, capturing moments like these would have taken a while. Our cameraphones weren’t high quality enough to take real pictures, handheld, truly portable video cameras weren’t widely available and the software to process photos or video wasn’t quite as fast as it is now.

Great to have the option of editing video right on my iPhone.

Thanks to my iPhone 4, my MacBook Pro and iMovie, I was able to shoot a video, add some quick production, upload it to YouTube and post it to Gangplank’s blog in under 20 minutes, meaning I had to take little time away from actually experiencing the event I was trying to record.

We spend a lot of time creating content on our computers and we spend a ton of time recording the events we’re a part of, and it’s great to know that content creation to preserve moments gets a little easier and a little faster every year. So thanks Apple, Google and the internet for making my holidays easy to experience, easy to record and even easier to share with those who aren’t there with me.

Happy Holidays!