Record Streaming Audio

Rogue Amoeba - Audio Hijack Pro_ Record any audio on Mac OS X.pngMore and more often content distributors are choosing to stream content over the internet instead of allowing users to download the files locally to their machine. This allows the distributors a bit more control over their content.

Unfortunately, it makes it difficult for you to grab that one portion of a song that you want to include in your podcast, or the funny audio clip that would fit perfectly into your class presentation. I know I’ve often wondered how I could still get a decent quality recording of the streaming audio shared on the internet.

Thankfully, the developers over at developed Audio Hijack Pro. Audio Hijack Pro is a share ware application that allows you to record any sound that comes through your system. It allows you to pick specific applications to record sound from like Safari and create recordings in mp3, acc, and aiff format.

Using Audio Hijack Pro

While Audio Hijack Pro is not free ($32 for the complete version) it does allow anyone to run a fully functional demo that only adds noise to recordings over 10 minutes. So essentially, its free until you start making really long recordings.

To start recording streaming audio:

  1. Open Audio Hijack Pro, click Quick Record
  2. You can select an input device, System Audio will record anything coming through your sound card, while selecting Application and then the specific app you’re trying to record from will limit the recording to just sounds coming from the selected application.
  3. Audio Hijack Pro.png

  4. Click Hijack and then Record
  5. Audio Hijack Pro-1.png

    Audio Hijack Pro-3.png
  6. Start the streaming audio

From here your system will record the streaming audio and save it to the location you selected. As long as your audio recording is under 10 minutes you should receive decent quality recordings that you can use as you feel fit.