Refurbished Macs

Refurbished MacsOne of the many arguments that you’ll hear from PC owners is that Apple computers are just too expensive. PC owners often state that PCs that contain the same hardware specifications as a typical Macintosh computer will cost 15% – 20% less. It is true that prices are a bit more expensive for Apple devices, it is hard to compare Macs to PCs because of differences in software, security, and how a Mac is often much easier to re-sell and at higher prices.

If you’re looking for a new computer and are on a PC budget but really want a Macintosh there are ways for you to get a Mac at a PC price. Like most computer manufactures, Apple sells their refurbished macs at discounted prices. These discounts can at times reach as high as 30% off original MSRP Prices.

Best Place to Buy Refurbished Macs

There are a number of different places that sell refurbished Macs to customers looking to get an Apple computer at a discounted rate but in reality the two best places to purchased refurbished Macs are directly from Apple or from a large distributer like Amazon.

For example, this Macbook Air can be purchased for close to $1000.

Right now on the Apple Refurbished Store there are a number of computer models available for less than $1000. Currently the highest discount is at 28% MSRP but Apple continually changes the prices and discount rates on refurbished apple computers so be sure to check back periodically to see if the device is available.

Is It Safe to Buy Refurbished Macs?

While it is true that Refurbished Macs were used for a short period (often less than 30 days) of time and then returned to Apple because of a defective part, the computers are just as reliable as brand new Apple products you may purchase. Apple fully tests, and cleans all refurbished Macs before shipping them out again to new customers. Additionally, these computers are given new part numbers and serial numbers so previous owners can not track down the old computers they used.

To stand by the quality of the refurbished product, Apple includes a one-year warranty on refurbished macintosh products. Additionally, Apple offers extended coverage through AppleCare on their refurbished products.

I’ve purchased a number of refurbished Macintosh products from Apple in the past and have never had a problem with them. Each time, the device came in its own packaging and it looked and functioned just like a new Apple computer.