Is Your Mac Virus Free?

On most days the answer to the question “Is my Mac Virus Free?” is usually a quick “yes” but recently that might not be the case.

Over the last few months a pesky bug has spread itself through up to 600,000 Mac computers. This bug, designed to hijack your computer and implement click fraud against Google’s advertising network, takes advantage of a hole in the way that Java was enabled on Macs.

It maybe difficult to know if your Mac has been infected at this point as the trojan is designed to have little impact on the host computer and be utilized to take advantage of Google’s Adsense advertising network. Detecting and removing the virus is now extremely easy thanks to the developers at Apple Headquarters.

How To Remove the Bugs from your Mac

Removing bugs from your computer can often be a pain and extremely difficult to accomplish. Fortunately, it doesn’t require utilizing tips or materials from this kind of pest control to remove the Flashback virus from your mac.

Apple has made it extremely easy for Mac owners to get their computer cleaned up and functioning without any malware or bug problem. To get started cleaning your computer follow these steps:

  • Click the Apple in the Menu Bar
  • Select Software Update and wait for your Mac to check against Apple’s software for all the updates you may want to apply to your computer
  • If you haven’t already applied it you should see a Java update that includes the removal of the most common variants of Flashback
  • Remove Flashback Virus

  • We suggest updating all of the software included in the Software Update list and allowing it to install. Note: It may require a computer restart to finish installation so be sure to save all your work before starting the process

After the software update has completed your Mac will detect if it’s been infected by the Flashback virus and help remove it.

It is unfortunate to see viruses starting to appear on the Mac platform, but comforting to know that it was only able to install after you gave it permission to do so. Be cautious about what you allow to install on your computer. It’s also great to see Apple releasing patches and fixes to these pesky bugs.