Restore Closed Safari Windows

F5827509-79B4-44C6-A67B-75D73C05DF83.jpgThe thing that makes Safari great is the combination of fast and sleek capabilities as well as the significant number of features that makes the browser unique when compared to others available.

In previous articles we’ve discussed a number of unique features that help you enhance your Safari experience. Additionally, Safari syncs great with Apple mobile devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch by sharing your favorite bookmarks.

While Firefox has the capabilities to restore a browsing session, it lacks the capability of re-opening websites on browser windows that you’ve just closed.

Safari on the other hand makes this is. In fact, Safari allows you to open the last window closed as well as all the windows from your last browsing session.

Both options are located under History on the menu bar. Select History, and then either “Reopen Last Closed Window” or “Reopen All Windows From Last Session”


I often utilize these features when I jump around within Safari windows. I close windows to often only to realize later there was more information I needed to gather from the website I was viewing. These Safari features make my browsing experience that more enjoyable.