Review: NCAA® March Madness® iPad App

If there’s another app that offers as much March Madness sweetness as this one, let it step forward and be recognized. NCAA® March Madness® On Demand has everything you want.

One thing will never change about this country, the USA, we love sports. In the midst of wars, economic depression, and national tragedies, sports has offered an escape and a method for bringing us back together. It’s been an unfailing connection for us all. One of our greatest national pastimes is basketball, and the NCAA Final Four is the culminating event. Technology is allowing us to enjoy this yearly festival of amateur sport in ever-improving ways. The iPad is one of the most recent additions to the level of enjoyment.

Screenshot from the March Madness app

iPhone and iPod Touch Final Four apps have been around for a few years now. They’ve been great, but their viewing size will always be a hindrance for many of the things the apps can do, like game viewing. Even the NCAA’s own NCAA® March Madness® iPad app was limited, until the iPad.

Now, this year’s games, all of which can be viewed through live streaming with the app, will be of a much higher quality, simply because the view is bigger. Although one download of the free app will make it available on all your devices (iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch), each version is designed for the particular device on which you’re using it. In other words, the iPad version is made for the iPad.

In addition to the live streaming of each game throughout the tournament, there are several other highlights for users of the app. There’s live coverage of the tournament selection show to be held on March 13th. You can also see live box scores, in-game highlights and stats for each game, all while watching your favorite game.

Bracketologists Unite!

What would any March Madness app be without tournament brackets? This one has just the ticket. All you have to do is register for the Official Bracket Challenge and you can manage your brackets through the app. The app has real-time bracket updates, so you can easily keep tabs on how poorly, or well, you’re doing.

Only one thing remains; to see how well all this works come tournament time. If last year’s app, which I used on my iPhone, is any indication, it will go off without a hitch. But, you never know until we get there. The NCAA tournament starts March 15.