Rumored 11.6″ MacBook Air Feels Like a Miss

Steve Jobs told us we’d never see a netbook. They were underpowered with piddly features and the low-end market wasn’t something Apple wanted a part of. Instead we got the Macbook Air. While not a smashing success, the Macbook Air was light, small and packed with just enough features for most people whose computer habits demanded portability over power.

But it wasn’t a netbook with its full-size keyboard and 13″ screen. So what do we call a rumored 11.6″ version of the Macbook Air? If it feels like a netbook, looks like a netbook and most likely can’t be upgraded (just like a netbook!), it’s probably a netbook.

And that’s crap. WTF happened to Apple? Where’s the company that made fast, super-awesome computers that did tricks and made every use feel like a creative genius? While I certainly don’t begrudge the beauty of the (rumored) 11.6″ Macbook Air, this feels like a miss.

It feels like a miss because this isn’t Apple’s market. The netbook market values price over value, battery life over power and size over performance. Why am I, a long-time Apple customer, typing on a 13″ MacBook Pro that really hasn’t been updated except for its case, chip and graphics card since it was called a white MacBook, while Apple spend its time making iPhone 4s and smaller Macbook Airs?

As an Apple fan, ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you really satisfied with you Mac Pro?
The case design hasn’t been updated in years, we STILL don’t have Firewire 1600 or 3200 and there’s no USB 3.0 on the horizon. Aren’t these professional machines?

2. Do you really care about monitors?
What good is an expensive Apple monitor if the computer you’re attaching to it is a generation behind everything else? While I’m not going to get into a chip speed argument here, I’m tired of Apple updating their showy products (monitors, iPhones and iPods) over their bread and butter pro machines.

3. Do we really care about the iPad?
Great, so Bloomberg says the iPad is going to be thinner and include a camera. That doesn’t help me write or edit quality video.

4. Does iLife matter?
iMovie ’08 is slow on my 13″ MacBook Pro with four gigs of ram. Is there any valid reason for this to be happening? What kind of machine do I need? Oh, have you used iPhoto’s face recognition technology lately? Does it even work?

5. Is Ping even worth your time?
When iTunes Genius first came out, I scoffed. Then I used it and still use it sparingly. Is it a fun party trick? Yes. Anything more than that? Nope. Is Ping even a fun party trick? How many of you have taken the time to build your network? I sure as hell haven’t.

Enjoy your new MacBook Airs, iPod Touches and Cinema Displays. If there’s one thing Apple is getting really good at, it’s allowing you to consume their content, but I want to think different. I want to create.