Safari Hints and Tips: Part 1 – Keyboard shortcuts

We’ve mentioned previously how convenient the new custom dashboard widget creation feature in Safari is but have a few additional tips on ways that you can get more out of using the browser.

One Click – Tabbed Browsing

One of the greatest things about Safari is how easy it is to open multiple tabs of websites you’re interested in visiting. I personally will open links from articles I’m reading in new tabs so that I’m not pulled away from the article until I finished reading it. After finishing, I then can click through the open tabs and review the links that the article references.

Safari makes this quick and easy. With a mighty mouse, or any mouse with a scroll wheel button, you can open links in new tabs by clicking them with the center scroll wheel. This can also be accomplished by cmd+click any link. A new tab will open and load the link but the focus of the browser stays on the article you’re currently reading.


Safari also provides a great and easy way to open your bookmarks. To open the any of the bookmarks on your bookmark bar press cmd+ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0. Command+1 will open the bookmark furthest to the left and so on moving along the number lines.

If you want to open these in new tabs, be sure to press cmd+t to open a new tab and then cmd+1 to open the first bookmark in the new tab.

Be sure to check back for more hints and tips in Safari Hints and Tips Part 2


  • command+click = Open link in new tab
  • command+t and command +1 = Open Bookmark 1 in New Tab
  • command+1 = bookmark 1
  • command+2 = bookmark 2
  • command+3 = bookmark 3
  • command+4 = bookmark 4
  • command+5 = bookmark 5
  • command+6 = bookmark 6
  • command+7 = bookmark 7
  • command+8 = bookmark 8
  • command+9 = bookmark 9
  • command+0 = bookmark 10

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