Safari Hints and Tips: Part 3 – Enhance Your Search

By Dan Hinckley

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Inquisitor Plug-in for MacMost all browsers today have build in search capabilities and Safari is no different. No need to browse to Google or Yahoo’s home page to start your search as you can quickly enter your search phrase into the browser and hit search, propelling you closer to item your looking for. Unfortunately, Safari web search doesn’t include some of the great spotlight search functions like auto-suggest or previews of some of the information you’re looking for. But to our great luck there is a Safari plug-in that makes such capabilities available.


Inquisitor is a Safari plug-in that will provide you with Spotlight like search functionality for your web searches. One of the great things about Inquisitor is how fast it is. Start typing anything into the search field and auto-suggest items with details about the pages it is suggesting start popping up below the search field. Inquisitors suggestions are also great examples of how to setup your search phrases to get optimal web search results.


After you’ve downloaded and installed Inquisitor you can fire up Safari, start a new search in the browser search field, and see how Inquisitor works. If you’d like to change some of the settings for Inquisitor select Preferences from the Safari menu and then click the Search tab. Here you can add the amount of suggestions displayed, what search engine to use, or other search related features.

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