Safari Hints and Tips Part 6: Merge Windows

One of the greatest enhancements to web browsers over the past few years has been the addition of tabbed browsing. It has helped organize my web browsing experience and allowed me to easily keep track of the sites I was exploring.

But, even though tabbed browsing is a feature I use often in Safari, there are times that I find myself with a number of separate open Safari windows that seem to be taking over my desktop. I’ve often wondered how I could solve this problem after I’ve already created it….

Thanks to Safari no matter how many windows you have open you don’t have to loose hope of keeping control over your browsing experience. Safari lets you retake your desktop from the browser windows!

In just two clicks you can take the endless number of open browser windows and merge them into one. A tab will appear for each website that you had opened in separate windows and you’ll once again have control of your desktop.

To merge the Safari windows into one, select Window from the menu bar and finally select Merge all windows. Then witness the seamless transition as the windows merge into one with a tab set apart for each website.

Interestingly enough, the ability to pull a tab in Safari out to its own window often exists (But who really wants more windows?). To pop out a tab, select Window from the menu bar and then select Move Tab to New Window

The current tab will pop out to a new window and quickly clutter up your desktop!

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