Safety First: these are the top choices for video doorbell cameras

We all know the saying, “safety first”, but how well do you employ that at home? Over the last few years, technology has been incredibly innovative, creating new and improved home security capabilities. 

With the help of technology, video doorbell cameras have become very popular across the board —  whether you live in an apartment, condo, or your own home, video camera doorbells keep tabs on your entryway, helping your home stay monitored and more secure. More than half of consumers who have purchased a doorbell camera are very satisfied with the results, helping them keep an eye on what’s going on at home while they’re away. 

Looking for a new doorbell? Start here. 

Ring Video Doorbell

Ring has become one of the most popular smart home security doorbells. It’s automated to work with your cell phone, sending you notifications at whatever setting you choose — whether that’s as-it-happens or in a feed later on. An important feature of this video doorbell is that it has a two-way audio functionality, meaning you can chat with whoever rings the doorbell, anywhere and at any time. 

Blue by ADT

This is one of the easiest video doorbell cameras to set up. It doesn’t require professional installation unlike many of ADT’s other products. Blue has a mobile app that allows you to immediately alert the police if need be, which is a streamlined functionality of the app most other video camera doorbells don’t have. 

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro

Two words: night vision. SimpliSafe created a doorbell camera that alerts the owner based on motion, not necessarily someone ringing the doorbell. One thing to note with this security equipment is that you can choose different levels of interactivity. You can use video recording, or you can simply subscribe for a monthly plan that will allow you to interact through your video doorbell. 

Another note for this doorbell camera is that it was recently rated the best add-on for a home security system. Already have a security system in place? SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro might be the best fit for you. 

Nest Hello

If you’re concerned about being able to interact with guests or visitors, the UPS guy or the mailman, Nest Hello is one of the best options for you. In terms of audio quality, it is rated one of the best, but one of the caveats to this piece of equipment is that it’s really better suited for those who already buy into the Nest/Amazon Alexa environment. 

Eufy Video Doorbell 

If you aren’t married to one particular environment (Alexa, Google, etc.) then Eufy may be the right fit for you. Be warned, though, because the Eufy Video Doorbell requires wiring on installation. Many of the other video doorbells are able to work with automation technology like IFTTT or Zapier, however, Eufy is lower on our list because it doesn’t have this capability.