Save Your Friends With Dr. Awesome

Since the iPhone SDK has been released the most popular category of applications is Games. Apple themselves have marketed the iPod Touch as the “Funnest” iPod ever and encourages the idea of the iPod/iPhone competing with other hand held gaming platforms.

It seems that most game developers for the iPhone have focused on optimal game play that can be played with short moments of free time. A game that is a perfect example of this is Dr. Awesome.



Dr. Awesome was developed by the same company that brought us Topple, one of the most successful iphone games. ngmoco Continues its recipe for success with Dr. Awesome. The gameplay takes advantage of the iPhone user inputs and allows gamers to control their medical “tools” by tilting the iPhone back and forth, forward and backward. The controls are very responsive and allows for a unique gameplay experience.


The story line on Dr. Awesome is the classic premise of a Doctor who must save his patience from various sickness and illness. What makes Dr. Awesome unique is that will select its patience from your iPhone Contacts list. Don’t worry, the game won’t send anything out to your friends, but it does add a bit of character to your life saving attempts.

Not only does Dr. Awesome pull in your real life contacts to the game, but it adds a timer for how long you have until your friends or family don’t make it. 24 hours after becoming ill, your patients will die if you don’t save them. This design gives you incentive to find a few minutes to play Dr. Awesome again.

Overall Feel

Dr. Awesome has a unique feel which combines beautiful still images with witty commentary and unique gameplay. The game increases in difficulty as your skills improve and it allows for a very interesting and enjoyable overall experience.


For just $.99 in the app store, Dr. Awesome is a steal. It can be played with just a free minute or two and overs a lot more enjoyment than you’ll find with other iPhone games.

The team at ngmoco have done it again, and seem to be developing a solid line of iPhone games.