Setup your own local web server with MAMP

living-e AG_ MAMP - Mac - Apache - MySQL - PHP.pngOne of the most popular features of linux distributions is its quick and easy setup of LAMP or Linux, Apache, Mysql, and PHP. This combination of technologies makes it quick and easy to setup, manage, and create websites.

Luckily, you can have the same technologies and easy setup on your Mac. While OS X does come with its own native versions of Apache, MySql, and PHP setting them all up to work together can take some time. To help make this process quick and easy living e has provided individuals with a one-click-soultion to setup and manage your web servers locally.

LAMP for Macs

MAMP (Mac, Apache, Mysql, and PHP) is available in a free and PRO version. The product is easily installed (drag to your Applications folder) and is setup simply by launching the MAMP app and clicking the Start Server button.


MAMP Configuration

After MAMP has been started, you can create your website files, establish your database, and share your site with friends and family. When the server starts, MAMP launches its management page in Safari that allows you to find details needed to connect to your mysql servers as well as assist you in using the tool.

If you do not have your own mysql database client tools installed, MAMP includes a version of phpmyadmin to help you create databases, tables, new users, and enter data. This can also be found through the MAMP management page.

Welcome to MAMP.png

Changing the ports in use, the php version, and other settings can be accessed through the MAMP app preferences.


Overall, this is a quick one-click-solution, to getting a web environment setup. Its a great tool if you want to practice working with databases and creating your own sites. Its strongest benefit is that you can do it without any other configuration to your system.