Using Apps on the Smartphone is the #1 Tip to Help Children Learn

We have a client in the academia space and recently created an infographic for them entitled “10 Ways to Give Your Child an Academic Advantage”.  The client compiled the data and information to share, and I found it particularly intriguing that using apps on the smartphone was their #1 tip for parents.  It is really amazing how Apple revolutionized almost every aspects of our lives with the iPhone/iPad, and it appears this includes education.

So, naturally, when we designed this we used a drawing of an iPhone to represent all smartphones as it is easily recognizable.  If we used a Samsung Galaxy iii instead, do you think anybody would recognize it?  I think not (and I actually happen to like Android).  This is the infographic:

Give Your Child An Academic Advantage
Academic Advantage Infographic.

This goes hand-in-hand with Dan’s last post about the iPad providing an Academic Advantage. I can’t imagine my just-turned-3-year-old daughter would know every animal sound, color, letter, and number this early without it.  Also, hat tip to all of the Academic Advantage companies out there who helped us (there are so many of them).