SQUEEGiT – Keeping Your iPhone and iPad Clean

One of the benefits of running a site dedicated to Apple news, products, and accessories is that you have a justifiable excuse to always get the lastest Apple product. I think my three sons enjoy this the most as they always seem to have an iPhone or iPad in their hands. The problem with this is that kids seem to leave a trail behind of smudges and sticky screens when they interact with touch-screens. It has always driven me crazy until recently.

I’ve always followed the recommended steps for keeping your iPad or iPhone clean but the process to rub out smudges always took forever. It wasn’t until one of our site sponsors, SQUEEGiT, sent me a complimentary SQUEEGiT was I satisfied with my approach to keeping the iPhones and iPads in the home clean.

SQUEEGiT is extremely easy to use. The device is designed to be a cleaning solution spray inclosed in a small squeegee tool to help clean glass. It is almost exactly the width of the iPhone and works great on both of Apple’s mobile devices Aim, Spray, SQUEEGiT and the glass on your touch-screen will be looking amazing again. The product fits easily in your hand but allows you to put just the right amount of pressure on the screen to get the extra difficult smudges off of the screen.

I use SQUEEGiT while keeping my iPad in it’s case and the cleaning aid still works great. At times the cleaning solution will remain a bit around the edges but it’s nothing that a microfiber cloth can’t easily absorb. The only problem I’ve had is that the SQUEEGiT seemed to run out of cleaning solutions earlier than I expected but after I realized the number of times I cleaned all the mobile products in our home I realized I used it a bit more often than the average user.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the product and would recommend it to anyone that has gotten an iPad for a loved one this holiday season. The first thing everyone always seems to notice with the iPad is the finger prints that appear on the screen. The SQUEEGiT would make a great stocking stuffer to be a companion gift to the iPad or iPhone.

Check out the video below to see what SQUEEGiT has to offer and head over to Cleaner Gear to order one yourself.