Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates? Not so much

Most rabid Apple and Windows fans will tell you Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are natural enemies. They run “rival” companies, are constantly compared to each other and broke into the business at similar times.

But they could not be more different. Gates never set out to be the best, he wanted the most. Jobs, well, Jobs is hell bent on making the best user experience possible over all else. While Apple profit margins are second to none and the iOS line is selling like gangbusters, there’s no question that Jobs and market leader (by volume) was never a goal.

And hell, Gates is retired now. He spends his time giving away his money and hosting TED Talks events. Jobs, on the other hand, is a man who relentlessly pursues his vision, even as his health slowly deteriorates.

Both men are living exactly how they would like to.

And this video is hilarious. Did you know Bungie was originally an Apple developer?