Super Monkey Ball (iPhone)

IMG_0006.PNGApple’s recently released iPhone 3g has been received by consumers across the globe with open arms. And although the hardware updates and price cuts have helped make the device extremely popular, the software updates and new 3rd party applications is what makes the new iPhone something special.

When Apple announced that they would be allowing 3rd party developers to create applications for the iPhone they quickly showed a few games and the capabilities of their mobile communication devices. It seems that the iPhone would finally be able to bring decent games to a mobile phone.

After downloading the iPhone software updates I quickly spent $9.99 on the iPhone version of Super Monkey Ball. While the price point is a bit high compared to other phone based games, Super Monkey Ball is filled with over 100 levels and a diverse game play option. I felt comfortable spending the money and now know that it was money well spent.


For any game to be successful on a phone it has to have outstanding controls. This is often an issue for games on other mobile phones, but the iPhones touch screen and accelerometer make the gameplay quick and easy.


Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone is like the previous versions of the game. it takes the gamer through a large number of courses as the guide for a monkey in a ball. On the iPhone you tilt the device left and right, forward and backwards, with the intent of guiding the monkey ball to the goal destination. This makes for outstanding game play as it delivers a level of difficulty but still makes it easy to pick up and just know how to play the first time you try it out.



Super Monkey Ball for any gaming system hasn’t had much more of a story than being a puzzle game with different approaches and ways to solve a puzzle. In that sense, this version of SMB is just as entertaining as the others. Pick your Monkey, play the courses, rack up extra lives by collecting bananas, and avoid those fall out drop offs.


The way that Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone works in a linear structure of game play is by forcing the user to finish all the courses on a map before being able to play the next. This offers a challenge to the gamer but ensures that they don’t miss anything the game has to offer.

Overall Feel

In many ways Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone completely blasts away any other game on any other gaming platform. It has a unique phone gaming experience, unique controls, is challenging, and was easy to learn.

The only thing I wish the game had was some sort of multiplayer aspect that would allow you to sync up with your iPhone using friends. Compete for higher scores and faster times on course completion. This capability could be limited to WiFi networks but would add a new gaming experience to SMB iPhone.



For one of the first of the next generation of Phone games, Super Monkey Ball is great. I find myself playing this all the time.

The game seems to be great for replayability. A must for any mobile platform. I’m slowly working through the easy and hard difficulty levels for all maps and still work back to the initial levels with as much enjoyment as I do those I have not yet finished.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, spend the $9.99 on Super Monkey Ball. You won’t regret it.