Sync, Find, and Purchase Books on the iPad

Apart from saving up space in your home, an iPad can really be a great tool for reading books for several reasons. First and for most stores, it can store hundreds of books that you can save as a collection or come back to later to read. The iBook store will makes it that much easier to get to books that you’re interested in reading, but I’ll the be first to admit that besides the classical collection the available book list in the iBook Store is still wanting. It will be interesting to see if Apple can bring on the publishers needed to make the iBook store a truly competitor to those available on the Kindle. If the Kindle app was a bit more developed, with in app store purchases of books, it would put more pressure on iPad owners to use it over iBooks. To enjoy the many books in your catalog you’ll at some point need to keep copies of the bookies on your Mac or PC and sync up with them when you’re ready to read books on the go with your iPad.

Sync Books with your iPad

Like other media types, the iPad can sync books from your Mac or PC through iTunes. After connecting your iPad to your computer, you will then have to choose which of the books you want to sync. The iPad is not just limited to books that are purchased from the iBook store, but it supports books that have other formats such as ePub books and those that are DRM free.

To Sync your Books to your iPad:

  • Connect your iPad to your Mac or PC and open iTunes.
  • Select your iPad under Devices and then the Books Tab
  • Select to either sync all books or just those you’ve selected
  • Select the Books and Audio books you’re interested in Syncing and click the Apply button to sync the books to your iPad

Finding Books for the iPad

If you want to have more books to read, you can download them from the iBook store. iBook has a wide array of books for you to choose from but like I mentioned earlier it is still small when compared to the books that Kindle offers readers. You can find the iBook store from within the iBook app itself and browse through the available books to purchase. LIke the app store, Apple categorizes the available books and displays the top selling ones, the new releases, and the ones written by certain famous authors. Even the New York Times best seller list can be found there. If you want to know more information about a book, you can simply tap the preview button and then open the book for a few pages of reading. Where is this preview feature for apps in the App Store, would be a great feature there too.

Buying Books on the iPad

To buy a book from the iBook store tap on the price off the book you’ve selected and then the Buy Book button. The book will download wirelessly to your iPad and you can start reading right away. The in app feature for purchasing books is great and gives the iBook store a slight advantage over the Kindle app which takes you to a web page on Safari to buy your books. It would be more enjoyable and keep you closer to your book collection if the in app book store was available to Kindle readers that own an iPad.

Reading on an iPad is also quite easy. You just have to tap and swipe to move from page to page. The iPad also keeps your bookmark in place. When you close a book, and open it the next time, it goes back to the page where you last read. You can also easily go to a specific page by flipping through pages until the page you want to read is shown, or simply view the table of contents and click the chapter for a quick shortcut. You can also add bookmarks for your convenience by tapping the bookmark icon. While it may be inconvenient that the screen rotates when you lie down, you can enable the screen rotation lock in iPad and enjoy reading in your most comfortable position – whatever that is.