Sync Google Contacts with the iPad

By Dan Hinckley

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While the iPad is a mobile device, I’m not sure how often it will be used on the go to connect to friends and family. Since the iPhone includes one important connection feature that the iPad is lacking, a phone, people will look to their address book and contact information a bit less on the iPad. The iPhone has quick and simple features for syncing Google contacts with the iPhone and many of those same easy features has made their way to the iPad.

Even if the iPad is used less to connect to people and won’t be the primary mobile device for iPhone owners, having friends and family contact information when you need it is important on any and all devices.

Importing Google contacts to the iPad is quick and easy. In fact, with the assistance of iTunes, the iPad even syncs and imports Yahoo contacts for those that just aren’t comfortable with Google. Of course, syncing contacts from your Mac to the iPad is as easy as these other options.

Import Google Contacts to the iPad

If you’re looking to import and sync Google contacts with iPad then just follow these steps:

The same steps can be used for Yahoo address book contacts and syncing them with your iPad just select the Synce Yahoo! Address Book contacts option. For additional management and control of Address Book you may consider using the native Mac app and utilizing the Groups function for adding a specific collection of contacts to your iPad.

What other Address Book software would you like to be able to easily sync with the iPad and iPhone?

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