Sync iTunes Playlists With Your Nexus One

For many people the similarities between the iPhone and the Mac make the iPhone the perfect mobile phone. Its ease of use, familiar operating system, and the sync capabilities between the phone and media files make a very convincing argument that if you own a Mac your phone should be an iPhone.

But, that’s not always the case. Often people want something different from their phone than from their computer. They want a different experience, cell network (Let’s face it, AT&T just isn’t all the way there), or interface than what is offered with the iPhone. Many of these types of users are turning to Android devices like the Verizon Droid or the Google Nexus One.

These new smart phones offer what is to date the most competitive alternative to the iPhone in terms of ease of use and functionality. The one area that out of the box, these phones don’t compete well with the iPhone is the ability to sync digital media with their Android devices. Thankfully, someone has helped solve that problem.

Sync iTunes With Android Devices including the Nexus One

While the software wasn’t developed by Google or Apple to help Android Devices (including the Nexus One) sync with iTunes, DoubleTwist is very powerful and easy to use. The software is available on the PC and the Mac and automatically connects to your iTunes library and playlists and makes them available in a clean interface.

To sync your iTunes Playlists with your Google Nexus One or other Android Device:

  1. Create your playlist in iTunes
  2. Download, install, and open Doubletwist
  3. Your media library and playlists should be available on the left navigation frame
  4. iTunes-Playlist-Nexus-One.jpg
  5. Connect your Google Nexus One or other Android Device to the your Mac or PC and then follow the on screen instructions. More help can be found on the DoubleTwist website for many different devices
  6. Once you’ve mounted and made available your mobile phone, select the playlists or drag and drop the media files from your iTunes library to your Nexus One, Android device, or other media players
  7. You can Sync your Nexus One with iTunes Playlists by selecting the Nexus One on the left navigation frame and checking the Sync Music button and the iTunes playlists you’d like to sync with the device
  8. SyncPlaylistsDoubleTwist-NexusOne.jpg

Now your Google Nexus One or other Android device should include your Songs and other playlist files and sync anytime you connect your phone to your computer and open DoubleTwist.

Are you an iPhone user or do you prefer a different type of mobile phone? Let us know in the comments below!