Sync Safari Bookmarks to your iPad

Having your favorite websites available to you on any device you use is becoming more and more important as new mobile devices receive full web support. We’ve previously provided instructions on how you can sync Safari bookmarks on your iPhone and now we thought we’d provide some help to iPad owners.

By syncing your iPad Safari Bookmarks with your Mac, the sites you add on either device will be included in the bookmarks of both devices. There are two ways that you can sync Safari Bookmarks, through iTunes or through Mobile me.

Sync Safari Bookmarks to your iPad through iTunes

To sync your bookmarks in safari with your iPad:

  • Connect your iPad to your Mac and open iTunes
  • In iTunes Select the iPad in the side bar and then select the Info tab
  • Scroll down to the Others section of the iTunes page and be sure to check the box “Sync Safari Bookmarks
  • Click Apply to sync the bookmarks between your iPad Safari and the Safari on your Mac

Sync Safari Bookmarks to your iPad with MobileMe

If you’re a MobileMe subscriber than you can also sync your Safari Bookmarks while you’re on the go through MobileMe.

To use MobileMe to Sync Bookmarks with your iPad:

  • Open Settings on your iPad
  • Select your MobileMe account
  • Select Bookmarks

Which way do you prefer to sync bookmarks in Safari between your Mac and iPad? Got an interesting site that we should bookmark? Let us know in the comments.