Sync Your Facebook Friends With iPhone Contacts

Update: With iOS 6 Facebook Contacts can easily be synced and added to your iPhone. Check out our guide to sync your Facebook Contacts with your iPhone in iOS 6.

The Facebook App for the iPhone has continually seen improvements over the past year that have allowed us to keep up with the latest happenings with our friends and family as they post their information out to the world.

Just recently Facebook updated their app again, making it even easier for us to keep in contact with our friends. The latest iPhone Facebook App updates include the ability to sync our contacts in our iPhone Address Book with phone, website, and other information our Friends provide to Facebook. To import your Facebook Friend’s email you’ll need to Import them with this process to Address Book and then sync them to your iPhone. In the past we described a way to add your Facebook friends to Address Book and we wanted to now bring you the latest and greatest way to keep Facebook and your iPhone Contacts in sync.

To sync your Facebook Friends with your iPhone Contacts:

  • Be sure to download the latest version of the iPhone App from the Apps Store, without it you will not be able to sync your Facebook Contacts
  • After your app is updated, Open Facebook on your iPhone. For me, the App appeared and asked right away if I wanted to sync my Facebook contacts with my iPhone contacts, but in case you skipped this message we’ll provide you with the rest of the steps
  • From the Facebook Landing page click the Friends button
  • Facebook1.jpg
  • Next, Click the Sync button in the top right corner
  • Facebook2.jpg
  • On the next screen slide to Yes the Syncing option, and if you’d like to pull in the profile pictures from Facebook, slide to Yes the Replace Photos option
  • Facebook3.jpg
  • Accept the agreement screen that displays to allow Facebook to start syncing up your Facebook Friends with your iPhone Contacts
  • facebook4.jpg
  • Your Facebook Friends information should start downloading from the Facebook server and syncing up with Address Book on your iPhone to keep the contact information of your friends up to date.
  • Facebook5.jpg

Now that you’ve pulled down the latest contact information from Facebook to your iPhone you can open up Address Book and see the changes to your contacts. Many of your Friends Contact information will include their latest profile picture on Facebook as well as a “website” link to their Facebook Profile.

Note: Some have reported troubles with syncing the iPhone with the latest version of Facebook. I’ve tested and found a third party app available in the iTunes App Store that is great at syncing Facebook Contact’s Photos, Birthdays, Information, etc with your iPhone contacts. Check out SmartSync to start syncing your Facbook information with your iPhone Contacts.

UPDATE: The process for syncing contacts has changed with the latest version of the Facebook App. Check out how to sync your Facebook Contacts Photos with your iPhone 4S for steps that will sync your contacts.