Tablisto: One-Stop Reading Destination?

The new Dutch created Tablisto aims to improve your iPad reading experience by providing one central location for all of your reading needs. Tablisto’s essential proposal is: why use a collection of readers on your iPad when instead you could use just one? Tablisto allows you to read pdf documents, books, and magazines without having to use a plethora of apps.

One of the best aspects of Tablisto is that it helps centralize your reading on the iPad. As you accumulate more and more Apps, it can become somewhat tiresome to flip back and forth between pages to find your various needs (I’m starting to fully believe in the necessity of folders). Thus, Tablisto allows you to avoid that. You can stay on one App and read a variety of different formats.

Since so much of the iPad experience is about feel and aesthetic value, Tablisto has ensured that you will enjoy a visually stimulating experience. Your new reads will be delivered to your Mailbox—which has been cleverly designed to resemble a welcome mat. Your 50 most recently opened items will rest on a Coffee table (where in the upper right corner, with enjoyable attention to detail, the designers of Tablisto have cleverly placed a coffee cup and spoon). Every time you open Tablisto, you will be impressed by the visual experience that will add substantially to your own reading pleasure.

While Tablisto will prove an ideal place to consume PDF documents, one wonders if iPad users will prefer its services when looking at magazines that offer their own Apps. iPad users love the diversity of their iPad experience—and though Tablisto does offer a unique and utilitarian service, perhaps it does not encourage the variability that the iPad allows us to indulge in. However, it is a well designed App that at the least will add convenience to your experience and at best will dramatically alter the way you read on your iPad.

Check out Tablisto for free in the App Store.