How To Start Your Mac In Target Disk Mode

Its no secret that while Apple packs their OS X operating system with thousands of user-friendly features, the operating system is still built on top of a bit more complicated UNIX platform. With the design and configuration of OS X, many of these hidden features can come in handy at the most critical times.

One of these features is “Target Disk Mode” and it essentially turns your Mac into a Firewire Mass Storage Drive that can be accessed quickly and easily by connecting it with your firewire cable to another Mac. Target Disk Mode is essential for performing tasks like moving a significant number of files from one computer to another or simply accessing files from one computer (a Macbook Pro) on another computer (a MacPro) when working on large projects that move from mobile to desktop computing.

Generally speaking, Target Disk Mode is a great thing on the Mac, but it does leave your files a bit less protected than when you access them through OS X on the native computer itself.

Target Disk Mode

iPhoto.jpgTo turn your Mac into a Firewire Mass Storage Device:

  1. Shutdown all your applications and restart your Mac
  2. When the computer starts and you hear the Chime, press and hold the T key on the computer you want to enter Target Disk Mode
  3. The computer should show on the screen the Firewire logo and power level and you should be able to connect it to your other Mac
  4. With your Target Disk Mode Mac connected via firewire to another Mac, your Target Disk Mode Mac Hard Drive should appear on your desktop and be ready for read and write access

Target Disk Mode is a great feature that makes moving files between computers quick and easy. How do you use Target Disk Mode?