Taxes On A Mac

The past few years I’ve always done my taxes on my PC. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust the Apple computers to be able to do them correctly it was more of just my lack of knowing that Macs did Taxes too. That changed for my 2007 taxes.


We recently received the last of our tax related documents, so I set out with my wife to the store to pick up our tax software. With out much thought I picked up Taxcut for this year and assumed I would just take the software home and use Bootcamp to launch Windows Vista on my iMac. While standing in line I glanced across the system requirements for this years Taxcut and noticed that it included Mac OS X (10.3.9 or newer) under the Operating System section. I quickly decided that I would try the software out on my Mac when I got home.

I was a bit worried that the system wouldn’t work correctly in OS X 10.5 Leopard but also understood that I could always boot into Windows via Bootcamp or parallels if I needed to do so. But worry not, because Taxcut software runs quick and easy with Leopard.


Much like all other applications, installing Taxcut was as simple as dragging the icon from the CD to the Application folder. I launched up the system and was honestly surprised at how quickly the application pulled up. Taxcut always seemed a bit slow to me in Windows and wasn’t as clean and easy looking as what I was experiencing in OS X 10.5 Leopard. This difference between Taxcut in Windows and Taxcut in OS X may be the simple enhancements in software from last years Taxcut release but the process was almost effortless.


In total it took me 20 minutes to complete my Federal and State Tax return. I easily transmitted the filing electronically and received acknowledgment shortly afterwards that the return was accepted by the Federal Government.

Overall the process was painless and worked flawlessly. While I’ve had fine experiences with running the software on a Windows machine, I’ll be using the Mac version in the future.

Also, TurboTax has a Mac version of its yearly tax software.  We’d also recommend our UK visitors looking for tax assistance to improve their UK tax rebate to check out