Technologies That Make Donating Simple

donate to text

Donating time and money to charity is something many consider an important part of their lives. In fact, some of the most recent data shows that monetary donations for Americans are at an all-time high with an estimated $373.25 billion being given in 2015.

Technology has played a significant role by allowing people to donate hassle-free from their computer, smartphone, or tablet. Here’s a look at some of the ways people contribute:

Texting to donate

Texting a donation to a cause has been a popular option for for years. In 2010, the Red Cross set up a number to give $10 towards relief efforts in Haiti after the devastating earthquake. The widespread campaign was an instant hit, raising over $21 million, nearly 20 percent of all donations, in just 10 days.

Since then, it’s been a vital way the Red Cross has continued to raise funds after natural disasters. A survey showed that more than half of the donors who donated to Haiti also made text message contributions to other relief efforts.

Donating from an app

In a world where we seem to spend more and more time on our phones, it makes sense to be able to donate to charity directly from an app. There’s even easy ways for existing apps or websites to add donation features. DonateMate lets companies add a quick, secure donate button.

The DonateMate button provides the ability for micro-donations which can allow more people to donate.

Additionally, there are apps like Givelify which has lists of churches and nonprofits that people can give to with just a few easy taps on their fingers.

Entertainment leads to donations has grown significantly in the last few years. The website and their app allows people to broadcast themselves doing a variety of activities such as music, painting, or graphic design. However, the primary focus is people streaming playing video games.

Throughout the year, some streamers hold special charity events where they solicit contributions while they play. It’s similar to a telethon and the results speak for themselves. reported that streamers raised $17.4 million for over 55 different charities in 2015.

In all, technology has provided a way for people to easily donate when they can and in whatever amount they are able. Americans are poised to continue to give back to charity at record numbers, helped by technology right at your fingertips.