Thanks Steve, You’ll Be Missed!

Earlier this week Steve Jobs passed away. He was just 56 years old and had spent his entire adult life seeking perfection in electronic devices. He came closer to reaching his goal than any one of his contemporaries.

After fighting with Cancer for years and even receiving a liver transplant, Steve Jobs died in company of those he cared for most during his life, his family. He lead the company that has revolutionized the way people interact with computers, phones, and tablets more so than any other organization. And he did so with such vision.

While leading Apple it was no secret that Job’s was a perfectionist seeking the highest quality effort his team could provide him. He wasn’t shy of telling them their best wasn’t good enough and at times people wondered if this approach was genius or of someone simply being a jerk. I think history will look at all he’s done and decide that Steve Jobs is a business genius.


Shortly after his passing Apple quickly updated the home page of their website to reflect their great appreciation for the individual that has lead them to success for years. And while it is difficult to imagine Apple with out Steve Jobs it is clear that before his passing he trained and instructed those that would take his place on the way to move things forward and create amazing, life changing products.

Apple is also giving anyone the opportunity to share their thoughts about Steve Jobs by sending an email to


It has been amazing to see the public reaction to the news of Steve’s passing. RIP Steve quickly became a trending topic on Twitter, News agencies around the world covered his passing and friends and family called each other to share their thoughts on the life of Steve Jobs and how the products he helped create have changed their lives.

Hulu is hosting the video below that remembers Steve Jobs and how he changed the way we live our lives.

For the team here at Maciverse, I’d like to thank Steve Jobs for his example, business leadership, and desire for perfection from those around him.