The Beatles are now available on iTunes. So What?

Is it just me, or was anyone else super disappointed when it started to leak last night that Apple’s big announcement was going to be that the Beatles were coming to iTunes?  I’m a 27 year old male, born and raise in the US, son of a Navy officer so I’ve lived all over… I feel like I’m fairly cultured and right in Apple’s main demographic.  I just don’t care about this announcement. If I wanted an mp3 of the Beatles (which I don’t), I would have bought the CD and ripped it (or, lets be honest, downloaded it from bit torrent or something).

Worst. Apple. Announcement. Ever.

I’m a new mac user, and I was really hoping for some cool new announcement so I could blow even more money now that I’m part of this crazy cult. I bought completely in after Mac’s last announcement, the MacBook Air (among other things), and I was hoping for a great encore.  They didn’t deliver.  I don’t care about the Beatles.  My friends don’t care about the Beatles.  My Parents DO care about the Beatles, but they don’t care about iTunes.  Who does this announcement actually matter for?  My guess is that it matters to a relatively small portion of the population.

Did Apple Have to Make a Big Deal About This?

As part of the agreement to get the Beatles in iTunes, did Apple have to do a huge announcement?  I’m trying to justify this pomp-and-circumstance in my head now, just so I don’t blame Apple as much.  Maybe it’s a push by the Beatle’s rights holders to make them more relevant again.  Is Steve Job’s such a Beatle’s fanboy that he would allow them to force this upon him… especially considering the fact that, by all accounts, nobody pushes Apple around?

Where’s my “One More Thing”?

This is one event that really could have used a cool, unrelated, “One More Thing” from Steve Jobs.  So, tell me in the comments below why I’m an idiot and completely wrong.