The Best iPhone Navigation App

When friends and family first get an iPhone they often ask me about the various apps they should download. New iPhone owners want to quickly gain access to all the apps and features that make the smart phone so amazing. On the top of the list for apps that I suggest is Waze.

Waze is by far the best iPhone navigation app on the market. The best part about it is its price, Free! I’ve found that many new iPhone users aren’t ready to start buying a ton of apps for their phone and really focus initially on what Free apps are available to them. I believe that this is due to the sudden increase cost on their phone bill for data and unlimited text messages and the idea of spending any more money on apps can be discouraging. Other GPS navigation apps available all fall on the extremely expensive side of the iPhone app price spectrum.

I don’t recommend Waze to new iPhone owners just because it’s free. I recommended because I believe it is really the best GPS navigation app for the iPhone. It includes so many features that other navigation apps lack.

Navigation & Optimized Routes

Waze is designed to help individuals find their way to their targeted destinations but it also helps daily commuters find the best and fastest way to their destination. Waze users share the information about where they are and how fast their going with other Waze users in the area. The information is updated in real time and provides insight related to accidents, traffic jams, police location, and any other problems that a commuter or driver may find on their way to and from work each day.


This feature is essential for anyone that lives in larger cities and finds themselves fighting traffic every day. Waze can help you find the fastest route at any particular time based on real time information on how traffic is flowing and where you might find slow downs and traffic jams.

Crowed Sourced

Everytime you get in your car and use Waze you’re helping optimize the software for yourself and other waze users. The information you share with Waze servers and other Waze users allows the service to gather information about fastest route, new traffic patterns, and even new roads that have been created that other drivers may not yet have discovered.

Best iphone navigation

Many navigation apps lack that very feature and base their route recommendations on maps that are old and inaccurate. Waze is updated in real time and based on real driving data from everyday users. The only problem with this feature is if you are traveling often in areas where other Waze users are not yet active. The shared data feature is only as strong as the number of people using the service. The best way to get things started though is for you to activate Waze on your daily travels.


The Waze app is designed for driver safety. In addition to providing information related to accidents and traffic jams it also includes features that disable the ability for users to contribute information while driving. This ensures that drivers don’t spend their time chatting with other Waze users or becoming distracted by the other features of the app.

Download Waze Now

If you’re a new iPhone owner head over to the app store and download Waze to enjoy its many rich features as well as to help contribute to the information that makes the app so powerful.