The ‘cove’ Productivity Space App: A Review

I’ve got about 100 apps tucked into various folder on my iPhone 6s. I’d say I use about half of them regularly and the others just sort of languish in the background taking up space. When I decide to delete an app though, I inevitably need it within the next couple days.

Recently, I’ve been getting a ton of use out of my cove app. For those unfamiliar with the productivity space, cove is essentially a coworking community (similar, but not identical to WeWork or MakeOffices) offering comfortable inviting work space to entrepreneurs, freelancers, students, artists, and remote workers in DC and Boston.


As a remote worker myself, cove is the perfect solution to get me out of the house when I need to buckle down and really knock out some tasks.

Today, I wanted to talk about cove’s app. Among other things, their iPhone/android app sets them apart from other coworking spaces in the region. They don’t need a formal receptionist in the entrance checking members in the way many of their competitors do. Instead, cove members simply download the app which allows them to purchase office hours, reserve conference room space, and check in and out of the various locations through their mobile devices. It’s incredibly convenient and makes for a really seamless workflow procedure.


Though this is only useful to those who live and work in a city where cove is present, the company is expanding quickly and may be in your neighborhood soon enough. Additionally, it would make sense for similar businesses to look to cove as an example. The digital amenities within the app are useful and completely intuitive.

Being the space cadet that I am, it took me about 5 minutes longer than I wanted to to log in. I already had an account set up but didn’t realize that until after I’d attempted to log in multiple times.  Then, when I realized my mistake, I couldn’t remember my password so had to reset it through my computer. The whole thing was a bit of a maze, but once the confusion was cleared up, everything about the app was user-friendly and supportive of productivity.


For anyone trying out cove office space this spring, download the app first to make the entire experience as easy as it gets. This is one of those instances where not getting the branded app will put the member at a disadvantage and make life unnecessarily difficult. Start being productive today!