The Emerging World of Collegiate Esports

In March 2019, all professional sports were suspended to take precautionary measures against spreading COVID-19. While this is completely understandable, many people crumbled at the idea of not having sports in their everyday life. However, a lot of people are turning to Esports as a way to fill the void and keep them occupied while in quarantine. 

But, Esports is nothing new! According to Grand Canyon University, Esports has already established itself in a professional realm, and it is quickly transitioning into collegiate athletics. In an in-depth analysis conducted by GCU, results show there are over 400 Esports programs in the U.S. competing on the intercollegiate level. California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York account for over 25% of the nation’s teams. 

Parents, remember when you told your kids “Playing those video games isn’t going to get you anywhere in life!”? Well, today it might get them into a good college. Collegiate Esports has grown in the past decade, with 37.69% of teams being established in 2019, compared to 4.27% in 2015. Schools that are NCAA members represent over 60% of varsity programs nationally. 

If you’re wondering what games are most popular among the intercollegiate Esports, look no further. Some of the most popular video games on the market such as Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Fortnite are being played in the college Esports leagues. So, college students can play their favorite games and play it on a collegiate level. This is a win-win, parents. 

For professional gamers #stayathome has been paradise. What better time to join or excel at Esports, than now! TV networks are looking for ways to earn back the revenue lost by not airing professional sports. This has led to the new trend of live Esports broadcasts. Gaming companies such as Entertainment Arts (EA) which houses Madden NFL, FIFA, NBA Live, NHL, and more already has more than 100 Esports streaming events planned for 2020. This is opening employment opportunities for professional gamers, and allowing them to reach a higher platform. 

Whether you are in quarantine looking for ways to pass the time or a bonafide gamer, Esports is emerging and creating a whole new world for sports and gaming.