The Investment Time Machine

Macintosh Classic StatsHow much money would you have today if you’d invested in Apple years ago?

The answer is: A WHOLE LOT.

In 1990, the Macintosh Classic sold for $1500. That was a considerable amount of money for an electronic at the time, but cost less than earlier models, which appealed to consumers. Although the computing power on the machine was far inferior to the Apple devices we use today, it was a step in the right direction for the company.

Some critics complained about the slow processor, but the general consensus at the time was that the Macintosh Classic was useful for word processing, spreadsheets, and organizing data. A boom in educational software along with the reasonable cost of the computer led the Classic to become a useful tool for educational purposes.

But, as great as the computer was, it wasn’t always the smartest move to purchase one when it was first released.

Financial education firm, Online Trading Academy, recently released an “investment time machine” that shows what would have happened if a consumer had invested in a company instead of purchasing a product by the brand.

The graphic illustrates that if  you had elected not to buy the Classic back in 1990, took the $1500 you saved and invested in Apple stock, you would have nearly $100K today. The actual stock price at the time was $27.75. Last month, Apple clocked in at $423.20. That is tremendous growth.

For some, the practicality of the computer purchase at the time outweighed the potential for profits at a later date, but it’s fascinating to see just how much Apple stock has skyrocketed over the years.

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