The iPad Gets More Enterprise Friendly Thanks to Third Party App

Ever since Apple announced the iPad the device has taken consumers by storm. Popularity only seemed to increase when Apple started shipping the next generation of their tablet device that included speed increases and cameras. Despite the success Apple has seen with the iPad and constant cameos of the device in TV series such as Criminal Minds, there is still many who doubt the tablets position in an Enterprise business environment.

Often referred to as a giant iPod Touch, the iPad is known for gaming and entertainment. However, it also includes many capabilities to help increase business productivity. For example, doctors have been known to utilize the device with their patience as points of reference, and to evaluate medical information. Earlier this week, the iPad also gained the ability to access securely enterprise documents and intellectual property through software developed by GroupLogic.

MobilEcho.jpgGroupLogic released a new app for the iPad named MobilEcho that allows businesses to share corporate assets with their employees that use the iPad. The main features of the software include security, encryption, quick and easy deployment, and Active Directory integration. The significant number of businesses that employ Active Directory to manage computer network access makes this feature particularly noteworthy.

No Need To Email Corporate Documents

MobilEcho also includes the ability for IT managers to remotely wipe information stored on the iPad. This feature will help protect intellectual property from falling into competitor hands. Additionally, MobilEcho will streamline document management and make sharing and distributing documents on the iPad easier than sending and receiving them through email.

With MobilEcho, GroupLogic leads the way with what they are calling a Mobile File Management system. The concept of centralized and secure Intellectual property itself is not new, but the ability to access and manage control of that information on mobile devices continues to become more and more important.

The Business world continues to look for a way to integrate the iPad into their tool set and this software makes it easier to incorporate the tablet device.