The Less talked about iPod – The Nano

With as much press and hype the iPhone and iPod touch has gotten over the past few years, many people have forgotten the other devices that have been so beneficial to Apple. The device that was original created to replace the best selling iPod mini is still a powerful portable media player.

Apple’s iPod Nano now comes in a 16gb model and has a number of unique features. Like the capabilities added to a recent update to iTunes, Genius, allows you to select a collection of related songs based on a single song of your choice. After you’ve selected the song and let Genius group a number of related songs, you can save the collection of songs as a Genius playlist. The iPod Nano has intuitive and easy to operate control buttons that help you choose your songs quickly. Album art can also be viewed in cover flow, Apple’s unique way of showing you the album cover of the song you’re listening to. Like other iPods, the nano allows you to browse by artist, albums, songs, and genre.

The most recent updates to the iPod Nano include increased user interface controls that allow you to add songs to play lists while on the go. Despite the device being small, it still provides most the same capabilities that users have become familiar with on other iPod devices.

Despite a smaller display, and the fact that Apple talked in previous years how small screens are not something individuals want to watch video on, the iPod Nano includes the capability to play video in both landscape or portrait views.

To shuffle your music on the iPod Nano, now you simply need to shake the device ever so slightly and the Nano will select a random song for you.

In addition to songs and music, the latest iPod Nano includes the capability for playing games. Like the games on the iPod Touch, iPod Nano games now include controls based on the accelerometer. The device responds to movement for controls and provides a new level of interactive game play. Games can be purchased via the iTunes store.

Photos on the Nano appear in 320 x 240 resolution. The screen is only 2 but the images still appear to be in high quality. The Apple iPod Nano 16GB features in-ear headphone that also include a mic and remote. It is available in 9 different colours and made with aluminium body structure with glass curved design. Like all apple devices the design is top of the line and fashionable.

Other features of the iPod Nano include calendar, Motion Sensor, Cover Flow, volume limiter to help protect your ears, USB 2.0 version compatibility, and Nike+ support. The devices is clearly more than just an MP3 player and includes a built-in digital clock, alarm and stopwatch.

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