The Shrinking iPod Shuffle!

iPod shuffle - Apple Store (U.S.).pngOne of the products that helped launch Apple Inc. back into the spotlight of computers and electronics was the iPod. Since the original release of the device that put 1,000 songs in your pocket, Apple has created multiple types of iPods to fit the different music needs of consumers everywhere.

Their cheapest and smallest iPod line, the iPod Shuffle, was originally compared to the size of a pack of gum before being “shrunk” to the size of a matchbox. Today, Apple announced that they’ve “Shrunk” the iPod Shuffle again.

The New iPod Shuffle

iPod shuffle - Apple Store (U.S.)-2.pngThe latest model of the iPod shuffle is smaller than a AA battery. To allow for such a small frame, Apple removed the control buttons from the device itself and placed them on the ear phone cables.

The device includes a clip to attach to your clothes so that it doesn’t get lost in your pockets. Like the “Matchbox” model, this should help keep the iPod shuffle out of the laundry.

The iPod Shuffle comes in two colors but just 1 4gb size model.

It Talks!

Apple - iPod shuffle - With VoiceOver, iPod shuffle talks.pngTo help keep listeners informed about what exact music their listening to or the playlist they’ve selected, Apple has included their latest technology called “Voice Over” that speaks back to listers the details about the songs they’re listening to.


The new iPod Shuffle is definitely an impressively designed product and will certainly get considerable buzz for its size and new technologies.

It doesn’t offer enough new features that will bring current iPod Shuffle owners back to the store, but I don’t expect new owners to be disappointed with the device. To see the new features in action, head over to apple’s iPod Shuffle website.