The Top New Features of iOS 6

iOS 6 has been available only to developers for the past few months but the new operating system will arrive soon for all Apple mobile product owners. The new operating system will be available on most of the latest Apple products, including the fourth generation iPod touch, third generation iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS. Some devices, like the first iPad, will not be compatible with the latest version of iOS. The oldest iPad will lack the new OS because of its legacy hardware, while the iPhone 3GS will only be able to use some of the new features.

Once the system is available, you’ll be able to download and install it directly on your iPhone 4S without having to connect the phone to a Mac. Also, like all iOS updates, the update will be completely free. Below are some of the best new features that are included in iOS 6.

Improved Facebook Integration

Some of you probably still remember the days when it was quite difficult to find a functional and user-friendly Facebook app on the iPhone. Even though those days are behind us, that doesn’t mean that there is not room for improvement.

Basically, what we are getting with Facebook in iOS 6 resembles the integration of Twitter with iOS 5. What this means is that you will be able to post images to Facebook directly from your photos folder, without having to launch the Facebook app. Once you’ve signed in to Facebook through the settings app on the iPhone, you can post URLs, locations, or whatever else it is that you might want to share with your friends on Facebook, without having to leave the app that you’re currently using.

A Much More Functional Siri and New Maps App

Siri was initially popular with the iPhone 4s release, but a lot of people only used it as a novelty app that could make you laugh with its nonsensical response to your intentionally unanswerable question. The assistant, however, did have a number of useful functions, and that number will increase significantly with this new edition. Siri will be able to give you information on movies and sports, and it will have much better integration with maps. This will allow it to not only give you a list of dining or entertainment options at your location, but also tell you how to get there. It will be better integrated with the phone itself, allowing you to launch apps with a voice command, and even post on your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

I’ve personally used the new Maps app extensively over the past few months. Asking Siri where something is and having her come back with turn by turn navigation has been amazing. I often wonder how I got by with the previous versions of iOS. Siri and the new map features has been the most desired feature by friends and family that have seen me use it to find addresses, get directions, and answer questions.

Improved Phone Functionality

iOS 6 also offers some improvements to the way your calls are handled. If you get a call that you don’t want to reply to, you can easily send a text message (a number of them are offered by default, but you can, naturally, write you own) that informs the caller that you are presently unable to answer, or you can choose to add a reminder to your calendar that will later alert you that you need to call that person back. Another option added to the phone app is the ‘Do Not Disturb’ setting that allows you to preset time periods of the day during which you don’t want to be alerted of incoming calls or messages. It is highly customizable, so you will have the option to make a list of contacts who will be able to reach you despite this feature, or to set it up so that you are alerted if the same person tried to reach you more than once during a certain period.

These three features are just a few of those included in iOS 6. Other new features include an improved Safari browser, changes in the email system, better maps experience, new accessibility options, ability to make FaceTime calls over cellular connections or get loyalty cards, retail coupons and movie tickets with the help of the Passbook app. The list goes on, but these features alone should be more than enough to make you impatiently wait for the iOS 6

This is a guest post provided by Milica Dobrenov who works with Mobile Shop.