The Year Ahead and New Friends

2009 was a great year for We’ve seen an incredible increase in traffic from the year before and have more than expected participation from readers and visitors of the site. Thanks to all of you for making it a great year.

We can only hope for this type of progress to continue through 2010 and we’re hoping to bring you a number of great and interesting articles and ideas that will help you get more from your Mac.

Welcome Suki! has always been a Mac Help site dedicated to helping users both new and old find out interesting and helpful ways to solve problems on their Mac. To continue with these articles we’ve invited another Mac user and expert to help us with new ideas and tips. Please welcome with us Suki to the Maciverse team.

Suki is a professional blogger who lives with a purpose, eliminating everything she doesn’t need. After several years of struggling with viruses and glitches, she found salvation back in 2006 with her first Macbook. Since her first bite of the not-so-forbidden Apple, she has become a devoted lover, taking great pains to find cheap, simple programs that keep her Macbook running fast, cool and long.

Looking Ahead

We’ve appreciated the comments and feedback from the community regarding the regularity of posts and hope to have multiple new articles each week for our readers. As always, articles will range from the quick and simple tips to more complicated problem solving approaches to getting more from your Mac.

Additionally, we hope to build out the Maciverse Forums to really be a location for users to ask any question about their Mac and have quick and helpful replies from the Maciverse team and community members. Forums are great ways to communicate with other Mac users and find out helpful ideas to help you with your Apple Products.

Finally, this year we hope to bring our readers our first eBook. A number of visitors to our site are looking for more and different ways to accomplish tasks on iWeb. With this in mind we’ll be writing an eBook that covers multiple different aspects of iWeb and how to make great looking and powerful website with Apple’s iWeb.

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