Tips for Using Technology to Your Advantage in Business Networking

The business landscape has morphed into one dominated by who you know. While resumes and accolades are still important to some degree, networking has become an essential skill to master for those looking to get ahead in business. Whether you’re seeking out a new job or growing an existing business, you’ll want to incorporate online networking into your strategy to stay competitive with your peers. Here’s a few tips on how you can leverage free technology to stay ahead of the game.

Make Connections

A recent survey found that 85% of jobs are now filled through networking. Social networking sites like LinkedIn are a fantastic source to scour for job openings and make business connections. Though not as business-specific as LinkedIn, Facebook is also a useful platform for business networking.

Identify Specific Networking Groups

LinkedIn offers a multitude of groups that allow you to connect with people with similar interests and initiatives. Not only are these groups great for extending your network, they can also be great sounding boards for advice and assistance with potential issues and challenges. Who better to ask for advice than someone who has been through a relatable situation firsthand? Local DMV business owner Bev Gray was able to find her niche within a group of women-owned businesses which ultimately resulted in her involvement as one of the founding members of the Titanium Worldwide Collective. In this instance, networking groups allowed Bev to move her, and many other, businesses forward.

Stay in Touch

Modern technology and networking sites make it easy to quickly touch base and stay in touch with both close friends and acquaintances. Use this ease to connect with and stay in touch with your current and past coworkers. You never know which one of them may work at a company you’re interested in applying to someday. Those quick check-in, stay in touch emails could ultimately lead to you leading a new gig.