Top 3 Foodie-Friendly Apps for Dining Out

The number of apps out there today is endless. It seems like every minute there is something new being offered in the iTunes store. But for those foodies out there who want to make the most of their dining experience, there are dozens of applications you can download on your mobile device that will literally transform the experience of going out to eat.


First, the basics: You need to pick a place. In most urban areas, there are too many restaurants to try them all, so you’re going to have to do some research. The Yelp app helps you narrow down your list of potential going-out spots based on neighborhood, price, and type of cuisine. Once you have a handful of options to choose from, you can read reviews to see which restaurant has the type of food and ambience that you’re looking for that evening. The Yelp app can also help you decide what dishes to order based on the tips and highlights section where other yelpers offer up advice for first-timers.


Then, there’s the matter of booking a table. OpenTable is the go-to app for anyone who wants to book a table, make changes to a reservation, and add notes or comments for the restaurant to keep in mind when seating and serving your party. Most restaurants that accept reservations use OpenTable, so it’s a safe bet when booking a romantic date night or planning a celebratory occasion.


This app is genius for those of us who are totally intimidated by the wine list at fancy restaurants. Beyond helping you select a bottle of wine according to the options available, it also recommends food to pair it with — all based on a quick screenshot of the menu. Selecting a bottle (or glass!) of wine can feel incredibly overwhelming if you’re not well-versed in the subject. WineGlass takes the stress out of it and helps you seem like a true oenophile!
Of course, eating out isn’t always the healthiest course of action, so cooking at home might be more up your alley. There are apps like the recently launched FoodFacts app, that break down the ingredient and nutrition labels to help you make healthy, informed choices. Whether you opt to make your next meal at home or head out on the town… bon appetit!