Top 3 iPhone Apps for Attorneys

Attorney’s gotta be organizedIt’s amazing to think of the power and capabilities of the computers we carry around with us each day. These “Smart Phones” are more powerful than the desktop computers many of us grew up with and are continually improving to make our lives better and more productive. The number of apps designed to help us be more productive are endless, but there are three particular apps that I believe are essential to every attorney. The apps below will help attorney’s be more productive and get more things done each day:


Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is an app that is perfect for attorneys on the go that want to keep track of their thoughts and ideas but don’t have the time to deal with a smart phone’s touch keyboard and autocorrect features.  This easy-to-use app is a voice recognition software that allows you to press a button and start dictating your thoughts.   See the text appear as you record and then save it locally, send it via email to those involved, or post to social profiles.   The software is available in the iTunes App Store.

Dragon Dictation on the App Store on iTunes


If you struggle to stay organized with the large list of tasks you have to complete, then Things is the app for you.  This app is an easy to use task manager that can help all attorneys keep track of the things they need to get done each day.    With a cloud data storage option, you can sync Things between your multiple iOS devices.

Things on the App Store on iTunes


All attorneys have the need to look up court cases, their arguments, and results.  FastCase can help you do just that while on the go.   This application is a legal research tool that puts the American law library in your hand.  Access it while on the go to find out the information you need to help your clients reach their legal goals.

Fastcase on the App Store on iTunes

These three apps are all must have for any attorney looking to get an edge through the assistance of their iPhone.


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