Top 5 Mobile Trading Apps For The iPhone

This article is a guest post by Jessica from Forex Traders (, experts in online trading and offers their insight into valuable iPhone apps.

Just over a decade ago, the only way traders could enter and manage positions in the market was to hop onto a landline phone and call up their broker.  But times have changed.  Over the last few years, the online retail trading industry has exploded and today thousands of traders all around the world trade the market with the click of a mouse, or, better yet, with the swipe or tap of a finger on their iPhone.

Trading with an iPhone has never been easier.  As the popularity of iPhone apps has grown out of control over the last few years, developers have raced to provide cutting-edge apps to increase the power and reliability of the trading experience.  In this article, we are going to discuss 5 powerful trading apps for the iPhone.

Yahoo! Finance

This app allows traders to built a watchlist of stocks and commodities in order to track real-time pricing throughout the day.  Tech Ticker videos are also available for viewing on the app, as well as up-to-date research articles on various stocks and industries.

iPhone Trading Apps

E*Trade Mobile Pro

E*Trade has released one of the most advanced mobile trading experiences in the industry.  If you have an E*Trade account, you can enter, manage, and close positions with the tap of a finger.  There are no limitations in execution quality or pricing data feed with the E*Trade app.

The app also allows traders to sift through research reports, watch videos, and stay in tune with the market sentiment that develops throughout the day.


One of the most important jobs a trader has is to stay in touch with emerging fundamental data.  As geopolitical events and data releases hit the newswire each day, asset prices move accordingly.  The Bloomberg app is one of the greatest ways a trader can stay in touch with market data and emerging fundamentals.  This is definitely one of the very best apps for staying connected to international news events.  The customizable home page also allows a trader to filter the news feed so that only headlines are seen for the category he or she chooses.


Reuters, along with Bloomberg, is considered one of the most reputable sources of unbiased financial news.  The Reuters app shares similarities with Bloomberg, but having both can be a valuable way to gain a broader perspective on emerging fundamentals as articles and analysis will differ between the two agencies.

Trade Interceptor

This is arguably the best charting app on the internet for forex prices.  Many forex brokers who have an iPhone app have very limited charting capabilities.  Trade Interceptor offers users the ability to choose between 10 data feeds.  Its charting is very clean and reliable and shows quite a significant amount of historical data.  There is also a very useful Alarm function where traders can set up price alarms and have them texted straight to their phone.  This is a great option for technical traders who are watching specific price levels in stock or forex trading and do not want to miss a trade opportunity when they are away from their computer.

trade-interceptor iphone

The iPhone has revolutionized not only the way people communicate and the way we use our phones, but it has definitely revolutionized the way traders engage the market.  Be sure to also check out our review of the Online Trading Academy app.