Top 5 Relationship Apps for 2018

Technology makes so many things in our lives easier. From home security to how we get our work done, to how we meet people, there’s virtually an app, piece of software, or gadget to suit any of your needs. Even our relationships benefit from technology; how many of your friends have met through a dating app like Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, or Hinge?

Although these aren’t dating apps, per se, these 5 apps are the best of the best when it comes to boosting connectivity in your relationship.


It can be hard to find time for date night in partners’ busy schedules. Planning around two different schedules is difficult, especially if you add kids into the mix. Raft is a helping hand, working to sync you and your partners schedule to make sure you get that date night in.


This app is essentially a personalized social network for you and your partner. Instead of broadcasting your adorable pictures of one another, you can upload these photos to Couple. You can also create shared lists, add dates into a “relationship calendar”, and even send love notes to one another through the app.


If you and your partner combine or even share finances, this app is for you. As a personal finance app, it’s pretty all-inclusive which is to say it will track your bank balances, your bills, and even your spending habits. All the while, Honeydue works to keep your finances organized so you can say goodbye to your paper clutter and confusing spreadsheets.

The Icebreak

While you and your partner might not be playing 20 questions anymore, The Icebreak is an app designed to help you get to know your partner even better. This app is based around the idea that there are 36 questions that can make two complete strangers fall in love. The questions the app asks are designed to help you and your partner connect on a stronger, more emotional level.


There might not be an app for the Kama Sutra, but Kindu certainly tries to fill that gap. This app offers all kinds of romantic and intimate ideas for couples to try. This fun app is a great way to open the table for discussions about what you and your partner like.

An alternative? Some users reportedly take the Kindu suggestions to text message with their partners. Sexting is another way to open the door to communicating with your partner. Even though some states aren’t into sexting as much as California or Texas like this map shows, the general consensus is that it’s good for your relationship.

It’s great to use technology to boost communication and connectivity in your relationship. Test out these apps, and you’ll be closer to your partner before you know it!